Injecting Colour to your Business !

Injecting Colour to your Business !

Stability in coloring with a dosage machine for gravimetric liquid dosing

Best storage facilities in Town !

Storage units vary in size and are of the higest quality, providing safe and secure storing of all your valuable or not so valuable items.

Well organized suppliers !

We pride ourselves in building relationships, supplier relationships generate customer relationships providing quality products and competative pricing.

About us

Gauteng based company, established in 1996. Family run business with well over 38 years of experience in the plastics industry and have become a vital agent for various colourant, masterbatche, UV Stabilizer, Anti-Oxidents and Automated Dosing Machine suppliers such as Holland Colours, Movacolor, Addcomp and Hubron Speciality. Banbury stands as a trading company representing the numerous overseas companies mentioned above and distributes their products to various customers. Banbury has built a mutually beneficial relationship with its customers and suppliers.

Solutions offered


The best of dosing and blending in one system. The MCHybrid* is a unique dosing concept that combines two technologies into one system: batch blending and in-line dosing. The main materials or regrinds are mixed in an extreme compact gravimetric batch blender.


Movacolor Gravimetric dosing system reduces masterbatch consumption by 20 to 50%. Down time is reduced to an absolute minimum. Of significance is that the MCBalance doses directly into the virgin material stream at the machine throat, which eliminates the need for batch weighing and the need for a mixing chamber.